Often when we talk about photography there is a common tongue to freeze a moment, to pinpoint elements of an event. The communication we get from a fractal of a second is truly fascinating and powerful. How a facial expression can tell a story of a lifetime, or when the stars align once in the universe. The capture will be remarkable, to say the least. Those events happen in every instant and all around us all the time, our vivid and chaotic world is truly full of moments like these and I hope with this project to find a way to stretch that instant, but still keep it. 

Below you can follow the project as it evolves
I'll be grateful for input or ideas how this can be used.

Thank you,
Alric Ljunghager

turned in to a game graphics

Lately I have tried out a lot of different experiments with this machine which still don't have a name. Tried to be inspired by details born from these photos, and now i think i am just trying to go as far out as i possibly can. 


Test & prototype

First Test

A friend of mine had a fidget spinner, she thought i would have fun with it and indeed i had. After a few minutes playing I realised this was a perfect tool for as a shutter for long exposures. With some light modding it gave som interesting result.

Here i used my Mobile camera and a fidget spinner shooting different areas at the Art and design school building in Bergen Norway. 

Second test

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